“Over the years, when circumstances have required, I have called upon Julie Wright and the Team to add light on situations which seemed lost, or terminal even. Recently, we have been having help from Nicola to raise the profile of the Home after enquiries dried up and occupancy fell markedly. After only eight weeks, our occupancy rose from 16 to 24. If you think about it, on average, that’s one new resident a week! Also, as Nicola is vastly experienced in all staff-related areas, she even helped us with our recruitment paperwork and sourcing references, getting 7 staff on board. I can’t thank Wright Care enough”.

CLIENT; Care Home Provider, Staffordshire (Feb 2016)


“Unfortunately, as is sometimes the case, we were let down by an ineffective Home Manager, resulting in one of our Homes being under close scrutiny by CQC and the Contracts Compliance Team. One of the main areas requiring attention were the Care Plans. Julie, Jules and Nicola audited all of the care plans, leaving action plans for each one. Those action plans were so detailed, with such precise explanations and instructions on what needed to be done. They discussed the requirements with staff, gave written examples, and really helped boost staff confidence and morale. We have now had the green light from the Inspectors, and hope to see more green on the next inspection report”.

CLIENT; Care Home Group Managing Director, Lancashire (Jan 2016)


“We have used Julie Wright to carry out practical training which makes a difference, in Care Planning, Auditing, Medication and Completing the new CQC audit and PIR. All the courses have been tailored to the people who come on the course and my members are raving about them. Julie offers practical examples and understands the needs of the Care industry and we get e-mails full of additional praise after every course. We have worked together for many years and I intend  to offer all our members the chance to go on many further courses.”

Debbie Le Quesne, Chief Executive, West Midlands Care Association (May 2015)


“Julie Wright from Wright Care Solutions Ltd. has been assisting us for several months. We are a medium-sized not-for-profit care organisation with a number of care homes for people with learning disabilities. Julie’s skills and experience have ensured she has the respect of the staff at the home, and morale has improved. Her style of intervention is non-judgemental and clear so that improvements are able to be made in a way which empowers managers and staff rather than undermining them.”

CLIENT; Care Home Provider, Yorkshire (Apr 2015)